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On July 31 2022, Kathryn Hansman-Spice international Trager instructor leads us in this SPD.

Reshaping my nervous system, and my sessions, a polyvagal perspective

If we structure our sessions with the Autonomic Nervous System in mind, how can we maximize the possibility of lasting change, in ourselves and our clients. To turn on the brain’s ability to change, the brain needs to SEE differently:

It needs to experience Safety, Engagement and Enrichment (SEE).

  • How do we build the foundation of safety through our Intake Process?
  • How do we engage the brain to pay attention with fascination and acceptance through Mentastics and Tablework?
  • How do we offer an enriched environment in our sessions to communicate new possibilities to the nervous system?

Let’s come together in playfulness to explore these questions and more. This is a Supervised Practice Day format for members of the VTAN with the Tutorial credit in the class.

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