Trager Master Class "Freeing the Voice" with Roger Tolle

Introductie workshop

1 april 2022 t/m 3 april 2022

09.30 - 18.30 uur met mogelijkheid voor intern verblijf

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Trainingskosten inclusief overnachting en catering: € 598,00
Voor wie: 
Everyone who already has had an introduction on the Trager work.
Door wie: 
Roger Tolle

The Freeing the Voice weekend will use the principles of Trager Mentastics to explore fuller self-expression, with a special focus on freeing the neck, head, face, breath and voice. We'll seek a stronger connection with our inner Voices through active listening to vibrations inside our bodies, and discover the delights of soft inwardly focused movement and sound combinations. In looking for embodied ways of communicating our inner feeling, we sound into and out of our own bodies and join our voices in communal sounding circles.

  • Learn how to release tension, reduce stress, and build confidence in your voice and your body’s movement expression.
  • Assist your clients in feeling softer tissue, freer movement and fuller body awareness in neck, face, jaw, ribs and diaphragm. Help them sense vibration, ease, elongation, and freedom of movement in themselves.
  • Explore relationships between sound vibration and body movement, and discover personal movement/awareness truths through open exploration.
  • Deepen your perception of rhythm, pitch, and tone quality in yourself and others.

So what to expect: In this weekend we will be focusing on our own self-expression through sound and movement, on partner games to expand possibilities and learn to feel vibration and inner movement, and on manual therapy that frees the speaking, singing and breathing in our clients. People without any bodywork training may need special help with the manual therapy aspect.

All inclusive price, stay shared rooms: € 598,00 incl. Single room only when available. Information @

Max. paricipants 18, when the training is fully booked, you will be on the waitinglist.



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