Trager Acrobats

Introductie workshop

17 juni 2021 t/m 20 juni 2021

09.30 - 18.30 uur met optioneel intern verblijf

De Amberij
Trainingskosten p.p. (inclusief dagverblijf en lunch) € 630,-, optioneel diner en overnachting € 164,- (2pers.kamer)
Voor wie: 
Everyone who has experienced a Trager session.
Door wie: 
Piermario Clara, Trager Instructor & Anatomy Teacher


An adventure in a world of balance, speed, stillness, hook-up and harmony.
In this class we explore the Trager Principles to recover - if damaged - and improve the sense of balance and motion coordination with Mentastics, tablework and Reflex Response.

    Who can participate: Everyone who is interested in transformation, movement, balance and motion and has experienced a Trager session. Come join us and have fun.


    1. General introduction to the nervous system (anatomy and physiology)

    2. Proprioception: Awareness of our bodyposition in the space and awareness of movements (speedandstrength)

    3. Organs of balance as skin, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, ears and eyes.

    4. ReflexResponse

    • spinalreflex
    • brainstemreflex
    • corticalreflex
    • cerebellarreflex

    5. Conditionedreflexes.

    6. Voluntary movements.

    7. Controlandcoordinationofmovements.

    8. Biomechanics principles.

    9. Static and dynamic balance.

    10. Description of the major pathologies

    All related to balance and how to address them with Trager Approach.


    1. Mentastics to address the different needs:

    • Balance with less effort
    • Balance and performances
    • Recovery of balance
    • Balance and body harmony and coordination

    2. Reflex Response in all the positions (standing, sitting, lying on a table) for:

    • Improvement of efficiency in movements
    • Improvement of controlandprecision
    • better overall awareness

    3. Application fields:

    • Athletes
    • Artperformers(e.g.dancers,musicians)
    • Aged people
    • Young people

    The class is in English with translation in Dutch (when required).

    Optional dinner and bed, 115 euro pp for single room and 75 euro pp for a double room

    Do you want to join us? Let us know: